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Main Services

GSLand provides innovative fintech services for anyone to use.

at G pay

Digital payments made easy-to-use, simple, and convenient.

at G pay provides a payment platform for its users through the application itself and the at G card. The at G card is a prepaid card that can be used anywhere in the country, including for public transportation, such as taxis, subways, and trains. Utilizing its proprietary referral rewards program, users will mutually benefit from each others' purchases with at G mileage.  


market at G 

GSLand's online shopping mall

By eliminating the need for a mediary party, the distributors can pass the savings onto the consumer, lowering prices and increasing their profit margins.


GSLand will strive to ensure that only quality products are listed on our platform, and we will continue to provide our users with a comfortable shopping experience with added benefits through the at G pay system.

GSLand Alliance

GSLand alliance stores

Our platform is currently looking for affiliate businesses and partnerships to help promote products and offer free advertising services.

Partnered merchants can enjoy zero transaction fees when customers use the at G pay app.

Merchants and customers both benefit from the service, and can even mutually benefit through our referral rewards program.


Other Services

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Push Advertising

Targeted advertising with data analytics

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Anonymous Contact Service for Parked cars (South Korea Exclusive)

Coming soon

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Labor Market

Coming soon

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Media Commerce

Maximization of marketing through media contents, such as SNS, media, and live broadcasting.

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Real Estate

Coming soon

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Driving Service (South Korea Exclusive)

Coming soon

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Coming soon

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Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Coming soon

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